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This 1:1 private session at my home office will not only boost your photo editing skills, but also help you to implement it into your daily workflow. From the basic functionality of tools such as Lightroom or Photoshop, to high-end retouching techniques and external plugins to make your life easier – this course got you covered. And you choose the topic!



You love taking photos but always struggle on the final edit to make the outcome even more outstanding? You heard about Lightroom and magic stuff such as Photoshop but never really dared to try it? Or you already play the game for quite some time but finally wanna catch up on some advanced retouching techniques such as Dodge & Burn and Frequency Separation? Great, this 1:1 private session at my home office got you covered.  Whether you are still a beginner or already a professional in the industry – you choose the topic you would benefit most and I provide the perfect surrounding with snacks/drinks, example files, plugin recommendations and 1:1 coaching to make everything more understandable.

Training Examples

Can’t find the right one? Let me know what you would benefit most.
Basic Start

For everyone who is completely new to editing and want to get a fresh introduction to tools such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Workflow Optimization

You already have some decent experience but wanna get faster? Let me show you some tricks to bring you ahead of everyone.

Editing 2.0

Stuck with your editing skills? I am here to help you get a new perspective on advanced tools that are available on the market.

High-End Retouching

In case your LR editing is already on point but you want to learn some new retouching techniques to bring you to the next level.

Before Editing

Out of camera raw file with typical issues such as uneven texture, unwanted color casts, harsh light transitions and an overall unappealing look & feel.

After Editing

Fixed texture, smoother light transitions and a new approach with some warmer color treatment to make the original outcome more appealing.

Terms & Conditions

Just to be sure that you get what you want.

01. Who?

This 1:1 private workshop will exclusively be between you and me to not run into any other distractions we would usually face in a bigger group. Therefor we aren’t only faster, but can also better focus on what really bothers you.

02. What?

After your booking we will have a chat about you, your skill level and what topics you would love to cover. Based on that, I will prepare everything needed, we set a date and afterwards work through everything step by step.

03. How?

After I sent you all teaching materials, we will meet at my home office for a 3 hours session where I will guide you step by step through your chosen topics. It’s the best way to work in a relaxed environment while not being disturbed by anyone else.

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