Photoshoot Coaching


This 1:1 private photoshoot coaching will not only give you the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, but also help you to implement it into your daily workflow. From proper preproduction, working with a professional model to afterwards wrap everything up with some advanced postproduction techniques – this full day course got you covered!



You love taking photos but never really had the chance to shoot with a professional model? You heard about Lightroom and magic stuff such as Photoshop but don’t know how to properly use it? Or you already play the game for quite some time but finally wanna catch up on some advanced shooting and retouching techniques in a safe and mentored environment? Great, this full day 1:1 coaching session got you covered.  Whether you are still a beginner or already a professional in the industry – you choose the environment you would benefit most and I provide the perfect surrounding with a professional model, a hair & makeup artist and a relaxed 1:1 coaching atmosphere.

Training Schedule

Want some adjustments and focus on something else? Just let me know.
01 | Pre-Production

First things first. Therefore we will start speaking about the essence of mood boards while the MUA is getting the model ready.

02 | Photo Shooting

Once the model is ready I will guide you through the shooting and the importance of posing, framing and reading different light situations.

03 | Post-Production

Stuck with your editing skills? I am here to help you afterwards get a new perspective on advanced tools that are available on the market.

04 | Debriefing

Last but not least we will do a final round for open questions, honest feedback and anything that is still useful for your future productions. 

Unique Environments

Whether you wanna shoot inside or outside, the choice is yours.

Advanced Post-Production

Lets push some boundaries and work on the final look & feel.
Before Editing

Out of camera raw file with typical issues such as uneven texture, unwanted color casts, harsh light transitions and an overall unappealing look & feel.

After Editing

Fixed texture, smoother light transitions and a new approach with some warmer color treatment to make the original outcome more appealing.

Terms & Conditions

Just to be sure that you get what you want.

01. Who?

The online workshop will exclusively be between you and me to not run into any other distractions we would usually face in a bigger group. Therefor we aren’t only faster, but can also better focus on what really bothers you.

02. What?

After your booking we will have a chat about you, your skill level and what topics you would love to cover. Based on that, I will prepare everything needed, we set a date and afterwards work through everything step by step.

03. How?

After I sent you the teaching materials, we will meet online for a 2 hours Skype session where I will share my screen with you during the whole session. In this way, you can’t only follow my steps, but also try everything by yourself.

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