I am exploring this wonderful world in 2017
trading my skills for life’s basic needs.



If you never try something,
everything seems impossible.



If your dreams don't scare you,
they are not big enough.



Life is either daring adventures
or nothing at all.


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Let’s make a long story short.

Being a passionate photographer & cinematographer with international experience, I started my creative development during my bachelor studies in the field of Multimedia Technologies & Design. Seeking for more, I later strengthened my already gained knowledge during my final master studies in MultiMediaArts with a focus on cinematography and professional camera work. Enjoying the life of a student and living its creative freedom, I early realized that working behind a camera is not only about pressing a button, but also about a creative way of telling a story and expressing yourself. Thinking back, it must have been around this time I permanently got hooked and what started as hobby, finally became real. Ever since then I take photos and make videos wherever I go.

“In the end it`s not the years in your life that count, it`s the life in your years.”

Why I love what I do

To be honest, I love my job and everything that comes with it. From valuable insights in all kind of areas, new upcoming challenges and the fact, that no day is like the other. Since I started my work behind the camera, I see the world and it’s beauty in a whole new way. A way that didn’t only open my eyes for new things, but also helped me to meet and share moments with amazing people from all over the world. Moments that I am not only happy to capture in its importance, but hopefully will be remembered through my images forever. Since then, I try to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavor.

It’s all about what’s happening today, now.

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The Art Of Smiles

As a photo- & cinematographer by choice, I am always willing to travel and currently based in the heart of Europe, Salzburg. I haven’t fought a duel with pirates, nor have I swam the English Channel. But I have traveled to many far away places and created a lot of still and moving images not only for me, but also for others. Being on the road and working with a variety of different people, I some day realized that the art and secret of taking images is always about telling a story to remember. Everyone having his own story, I would be more than happy to use my craft to help you remember yours!

“Thanks to my amazing clients I’m lucky enough to travel the world and document the many unique aspects of life.”


How to make things happen?

Good results usually come if both parties have the same understanding of all requirements, existing ideas and personal wishes. The more information you can provide me, the better the results are going to be. Starting from there, we will work our way through each relevant issue until everything is clearly written on paper. Step by step, during a personal meeting, a quick call or a simple email – don’t hesitate and contact me for any concerns.

How much will it cost?

As every project is different, you will always get a non-binding price proposal after the very first briefing. What may sound scary, will only avoid that you pay more than you actually should. To don’t make things too thrilling now, my prices usually depend on following aspects: conception, number of involved people, travel & accommodation expenses, active hours/days of shooting (fixed or rate based), post production (pre-selection, post-processing,…) and the final delivery.

Why should we work together?

The difference between “good work”, a strong portrait or an amazing piece of art is usually defined through the right amount of passion, a great idea and creative staging. Altogether, it’s equal to visual communication: A language that not only combines relevant and complex elements, but also ensures the right relationship and a perfect understanding between me and your wishes as a client. Are you ready for the next step? I am!


Wow! The video is amazing! Cut, Colors - I like everything.

Tony Gigov (Photographer / Austria)

Der Reichtum an Details bei den Photos, die kein komplettes Portrait verlangen, gefallen mir am Besten.

Markus Breitegger (Friend / Austria)

Dayum, These are pretty nice images mate. Come back soon!

Mike Mandl (Head of Print Department at RTT AG / Germany)

My friend, these pictures are awesome. They will always remind us of the short time we spent in Munich.

Martin Barth (Friend / Germany)

Great photos and great post editing!

Kurt Williams (Photographer / United States)

I skipped the like-button on these, because I like them all 😉

Korbinian Vogel (Jr. Art Director at RTT AG / Germany)


Franz Brandstätter (Visual Effects Supervisor at Arri Munich / Germany)

Love the pics, only you could make a drinking festival look artistic 🙂

Cindy Venezia (Friend / USA)

Mit Philipp habe ich bereits zusammen gearbeitet als er noch Trainee bei uns in München war. Schon damals hatte mich seine Professionalität und sein Auge begeistert. Da er mit seiner Art stets Menschen begeistern und mitreißen kann, macht außerdem die gemeinsame Arbeit umso mehr Spass mit ihm.

Veit Gross (Creative Director / FLAVOR3D)


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Call me old fashioned but even if the internet with it’s social media possibilities is a good invention and starting point towards all kind of new relations, I still prefer to meet people in person before I start a new project with them. So instead of trying to find the right (written) words, wouldn’t it be much nicer to just grab a coffee (or in my case a hot chocolate), meet at my/your office or at a local cafeteria and talk about your personal wishes, dreams or any other requests?

Sounds awesome! How to reach you?

To ensure that I am even the right guy for your inquiry and not already busy, the fastest and easiest way might be to give me a quick call / drop me a short line about your concerns and we will set everything else up. Yey! Let’s go…

Address: Philipp Benedikt, M.A.

Gaswerkgasse 20, 5020 Salzburg

Phone: +43 680 23 24 783

Email: info@philippbenedikt.com